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Project Description

This feature enable user with edit permission, to publish links of documents to other libraries with a simple click.
Also makes it easier to maintain documents on several libraries with one Main library, where you can publish and remove links from the secondary libs.
Besides it can easily manage a lot of documents , it also finds the right icon for the document.


  • 1 click to create and delete hyper links/shortcuts
  • Synchronization
  • Simple to use
  • Links keeps metadata
  • Stunning Icons
  • Lookup Field Supported *NEW




On the download section you can download the zip with full instructions

How it works

There is a library "Main" where you can publish documents to the others "secondaries".



Screen Shots - Before & After


Manually linking Icons without Feature - *BEFORE*


Main Library - *AFTER*

Secondary Library*AFTER*

Why you should use EasyLinkDocs Feature ?


My Company has 9 Hotels (9 libraries) and 1050 documents related to every hotel. Only 50 docs are unique for each Hotel.

What we have:
9000 docs will be copied to every library causing a mass with those repeating files and a lost of control if update needed.

In spite of having 9 thousands docs, this feature enabled us to links docs between libraries. So it's simple to update n Documents, rather than n * 9 ;)

Additional information on: Documentation


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