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User guide


Donwload the zip here, edit the bat and execute it. You ha

You have to be Administrator of the Farm and run the .bat as administrator

There is a readme inside the zip at Download section with full explanation.


Usage instructions

After installation, here is a video you can follow to setup your feature.

This video let you add the shortcut Icon.

And you are done ;) Any help or Thanks would be very appreciate


What is EasyLinkDocs ?

It is a Feature to publish hyperlinks of documents to other libraries in a very simple way.

How to use EasyLinkDocs ?

Download the zip and follow the readme.txt.

Can i use it in Lists ?

No. This feature only works with documents(.pptx,.docx,.xlsx,etc) in libraries. Doesn't work with Items or Generic Lists.

How to add the little shortcut Icon ?

Check this video.

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ImJames Nov 17, 2014 at 10:52 PM 
There is not readme, and the video is not helpful.
After the solution has been installed/activated, how do you access it or use it?